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Welcome to Quiver Farm Projects,  our mission has been to reach out to all different kinds of communities and business' sharing the farm life for each customer in a fun, educational, memorable way.  We serve places such as Daycares, Nursery Schools, Elementary Schools, Middle Schools, High Schools, Private School, Colleges, even Nursing Homes.  Events such as Block Parties, Community Days, Birthday Parties.  Everything we do here at Quiver Farm is some type of farming made into an fun informational presentation that bring the farm life to you.  Each program is unique by not only its tools, but also the animals that are part of it.  Children, young adults, teachers, parents, even seniors all have fun with each program we offer.  We do our best to educate all ages, and involve each group with interaction! If you would like to know more about our farm and its history please feel free to check out the "About Us" page. 

    For information on the programs we offer please follow the tab "Projects" and click the one that suites your desire. For any questions feel free to reach out to us on Facebook and Twitter, or use our "Contact Us" tab.  Thank you for visiting us and hope you have a Cocka-doodle-doo kind of day!

What's New?

Yay! Spring is in the air! So are the feathers of our Chickens and Chicks! Hurry now to book your Chick Hatching Program!

Brand New 2017 Program we have begun Quiver Farm's own Duck Hatching Program! Please visit the Duck Hatching page for more information.

Also, we still have our wonderful Traveling Farm, Cuddly Bunny Kindling Program, and Cavy Programs all ready to come to you! Don't miss out on our Spring Availability as Spring is flooding us already! Already Booked? We are taking Next Year booking already! Pick up the phone and call us today!

 Summer is coming in fast! We love summer as much as we love our customers and animals! We want to come visit you and your customers this summer! Call our office today for info on our summer bookings and get started on a farm adventure this summer! We look forward to hearing from you!

And don't forget to have a COCKADOODLEDOO kind of day!

Check out our Projects!

Take some time to look through our projects below!  To see more information, simply click on the item to be taken to the page that best describes it!