About Us

Welcome to Quiver Farm, We are a family owned and operated farm started in 1990 by Margaret A. Hailey who dreamed of reaching children and adults by using animals and incorporating them as a way to get the feel of life on the farm. She started by planning and developing a way to transport live incubated eggs to their center and setting them up to hatch at their location. With every delivery she would bring a live rooster and hen to show the children and describe the purpose of our visit. Margaret started this at her small farm in Horsham, PA.

A few years later we were growing in popularity and customers were asking if they could come and visit, we did not have a property large enough for most places and were not able to accommodate everyone that was interested in a visit. So by 1992 Margaret and her daughter Rebekah got together on being able to transport a variety of animals to serve as a traveling farm to the customers location for the children/adults to be able to pet and feed the variety of animals including a cow, sheep, goat, pig, ducks, goose, turkey, rabbits, chickens, guinea pigs and baby chicks.

While business was growing we started to explore more ideas as we had to sheer our sheep, and we were milking our goats, we began to think maybe we could show people the way wool is spun, or how milking was performed. Now here at Quiver Farm there is a third generation of farming starting with Eric and Emilie, Rebekah's oldest son and daughter. Eric's focus is on managing the programs and always seeking to improve and expand the programs that Quiver Farm has to offer. Emilie is in the office speaking with customers each day and sending out mailings to those that are new in the area.  

Though, we are located in PA, we have started serving many areas in NY, NJ, DE, MD, and of course PA. It is our goal to serve each of these areas to the fullest extent of our ability and to reach out even further as the family and the business grows. We would like to thank all of our customers for our support and we look forward to every year serving you!


What's New?

Hello! It  has come to our attention that New York requires Health Permits to do the Traveling Farm. To obtain these permits there is a series of hoops and obsticles we must over come that take a lot of time and effort to get approved. Due to this problem we will no longer be doing Traveling Farms in New York, except during the months August and September. You can expect there will be a price increase for the program as well for New York because the list of things we need to do to get a health permit is long and expensive. Please understand if it was up to us we would continue as we always have for the past 28 years. However it is not up to us. 

New York also has strict rules on Fowl entering its boarders and so since May 2019 we will not be able to bring any of our Chickens(baby chicks are approved), Ducks, Geese and Turkeys. This will effect the Pilgrim Project, Chick Hatching, Traveling Farm and Live Nativity. 

As well as we will not be bringing a fresh calf out anymore the calf must be at least 3 months old when we come out with the traveling farm or live nativity. 

If you have any further questions about this update please give us a call 267-607-7522 line 1 and ask for Emilie

In other news we have discontinued the Milking Whey and Spinning Wheel until further notice. Sorry to say we just do not have the man power to train and provide program at this time. Our current programs are 

Chick Hatching, Duck Hatching, Traveling Farm, Bunny Kindling, Cavy Pup Program, Olive Oil Press, Pilgrim Project, Apple Cider Press, 12 Days of Christmas, Live Nativity and Angel Song. 

Thank You for taking the time to read!

And don't forget to have a COCKADOODLEDOO kind of day!

Check out our Projects!

Currently we have an Australian Shepherd Mixed with Border Collie available. He was born May 8th and is crate trained. Great with all animals, including cats and other dogs. We call him Little Bear. He is fun, loving, cuddly and listens exceptionally well. He is Mostly black with some white on his chest and toes. Full tall and brown eyes. Give us a call at the office and ask for Emilie for more information on him. For pictures please see the facebook page "Kissable Aussies" You will find many recent photos and videos of him and his other sibilings that have all found homes.