About Us

Welcome to Quiver Farm, We are a family owned and operated farm started in 1990 by Margaret A. Hailey who dreamed of reaching children and adults by using animals and incorporating them as a way to get the feel of life on the farm. She started by planning and developing a way to transport live incubated eggs to their center and setting them up to hatch at their location. With every delivery she would bring a live rooster and hen to show the children and describe the purpose of our visit. Margaret started this at her small farm in Horsham, PA.

A few years later we were growing in popularity and customers were asking if they could come and visit, we did not have a property large enough for most places and were not able to accommodate everyone that was interested in a visit. So by 1992 Margaret and her daughter Rebekah got together on being able to transport a variety of animals to serve as a traveling farm to the customers location for the children/adults to be able to pet and feed the variety of animals including a cow, sheep, goat, pig, ducks, goose, turkey, rabbits, chickens, guinea pigs and baby chicks.

While business was growing we started to explore more ideas as we had to sheer our sheep, and we were milking our goats, we began to think maybe we could show people the way wool is spun, or how milking was performed. Now here at Quiver Farm there is a third generation of farming starting with Eric and Emilie, Rebekah's oldest son and daughter. Eric's focus is on managing the programs and always seeking to improve and expand the programs that Quiver Farm has to offer. Emilie is in the office speaking with customers each day and sending out mailings to those that are new in the area.  

Though, we are located in PA, we have started serving many areas in NY, NJ, DE, MD, and of course PA. It is our goal to serve each of these areas to the fullest extent of our ability and to reach out even further as the family and the business grows. We would like to thank all of our customers for our support and we look forward to every year serving you!


What's New?

Do you hear what I hear? Thats the sound of everyone joining in on the Holiday Spirit, including Quiver Farms. Call us today to book your Christmas Program!

Quiver is in need of regular egg cartons, as well as 10x20x10 cardboard boxes. For more information please call Emilie in the office.

Spring will be here before you know it! Dates are being booked and filled as you read this. Give us a call today for dates and prices in your area. 267-607-7522 Line 1. 

And don't forget to have a COCKADOODLEDOO kind of day!

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