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What's New?

You hear that? That is the sound of children enjoying their Summer Break! Need some fresh ideas for the Summer? Try our New Duck Hatching Project!!! 

Also, we still have our wonderful Traveling Farm, Cuddly Bunny Kindling Program, and Cavy Programs all ready to come to you!  Already Booked? We are taking Next Years booking already! Pick up the phone and call us today!

We love summer as much as we love our customers and animals! We want to come visit you and your customers this summer! Call our office today for info on our summer bookings and get started on a farm adventure this summer! We look forward to hearing from you!

And don't forget to have a COCKADOODLEDOO kind of day!

Check out our Projects!

Take some time to look through our projects below!  To see more information, simply click on the item to be taken to the page that best describes it!