Hatching At Home

Welcome! You are now able to book one of our programs for your family to personally experience here at the farm! All you need is a total of at least four families and choose a program you would like to experience. 

Price is $40 a familiy and we can do up to 10 families per presentation. Presentations are about an hour long and include a 30-45 min educational talk with the remaining time focused on enjoying the equipment and/or animals. 

For the Farm Tours we have a limit of five families, each family is $40 and the tour is about an hour and half. 

Once you pick your program and have your family members we can select a date and time to do the program here at the farm, we will send you an invoice. You can make your payment(s) through th email we sent and then you are officially confirmed. 

March-June: Milking Whey

May-August: Bee Keeping and Spinning Wheel

September-December: Apple Cider Press and Olive Oil Press.

November Only: Pilgim Project

December Only: Angel Song and 12 Days of Christmas.

Farm Tour: All Year Long

Click on our Project tab for further details on the program.

Or email office@quiverfarm.com for more information as well as to start your booking process!

Note we only available on Monday's after 1pm and Thursday's we are closed. You may ask about Saturdays but often we are not available, Tuesday or Wednesdays are the best days to book a program as we have less visitors. Thank you for your consideration.

Olive Oil Press

Olive Oil Press

This is a great addition to Chanukah or the Mediterranean studies, available all year! We bring and press olives to extract the oil. We also bring animals that like to eat olives for you to pet. Also, a variety of oils and olives, for you to taste. Fascinating to all ages!



Project Requirements

  1. Need 2 small tables or one large table for display and activities
  2. Indoor or outdoor program Weather Permitting.
  3. There will need to be room for a small pen to be setup for a medium sized goat or sheep.
  4.  Will also have some type of dove or pigeon.
  5. Volunteers are always welcome to assist with some of the activities.

Instructional Documents

  1. Not Available

Activity Documents


Olive Oil Press is available all year long, but particularly the end of July through December.

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