The Milking Whey

The Milking Whey

    We bring out a milking goat, her kid, and stand.  We will show you how a goat is milked, make some butter, and see the start of cheese making. You will be able to milk a mechanical goat and sample the butter you churned. I personally think that everyone should learn about how milk processing is not necessary and/or good for you. Raw milk is best, so we settled for the basics for the children. You will love this interactive program with real goats.  You will also love to do the sampling of your own homemade butter and cheese. Chevot, Science studies, food processing, simple machines.



Project Requirements

  1. Need a table or two for display and activity equipment.
  2. May be done indoors or outdoors dependent upon the weather.
  3. Please be cautious of milk allergies as there will be real milk product.
  4. Volunteers are always welcome to assist with the activities.

Instructional Documents

  1. Not Available

Activity Documents

  1. Not Available


Great indoor/outdoor fun!  Special pricing and availability during the summer and fall season.

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