Traveling Farm

The Best Variety of Animals brought to you at your location in a fun educational way also allowing you to not only pet the animals but also feed them!

We bring you farm animals such as a calf, spring lamb, goat kid, ducks, goose, turkey, guinea pigs, piglet, two roosters with their hens, week old baby chicks, and of course bunnies!

Project Requirements

  1. 250 sq. ft. lot  
  2. Parking nearby set up area.
  3. Group of 30 for 15-20 min each.  Accommodates 180-240 in 2 hours. 
  4. Food is divided between amount of participants..
  5. Crowd control is at farmer's discretion.

Instructional Documents

  1. Not Available

Activity Documents

  1. Not Available


The Traveling Farm starts March and ends the second week in November. 

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